You would of thought I was trying to find a horcrux (and as my friend pointed out, it would be a good place to hide one) when I went to Chestnut Ridge Park for the first time. My original search for the Eternal Flame came up empty, even though the Boy Scouts had worked hard a marking the trail. Now, I would like to think of myself as a intelligent person who can follow directions...I was even a Girl Scout! All of these factors did not stop me from being way off the mark the first time I went on the hike. But thanks to some of your calls my path was corrected and when I went could say I "nailed it!"

Liz Mantel

It's such a beautiful hike and if you want it to be, demanding! I loved it and have been back many times just hike. I love that you can walk right along the creek and that I can just sit and enjoy the sound of flowing water. It's a place I can go and just push everything out of my head and relax!



I must say that the "Eternal Flame" is one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile. Just the idea of it is enough for people to go, "I have to see that!"

Liz Mantel

I can't wait for many more adventures! Any other places I should check out?

BONUS: I could sit and listen to this all day!