One thing you will learn about me, if you haven't learned yet, is that I LOVE soccer! I've played pretty much all my life, and I love following the US National teams (so much so that I'm going to D.C. in September when the Women's National Team plays Mexico)!

I was so excited when I moved here because the new women's league (NWSL) was in its inaugural season, and I was going to be able to watch the WNY Flash in person. Well, schedules got in the way, and it took me until Saturday to finally made it to Sahlen's Stadium in Rochester...and I wasn't disappointed!

The venue was awesome. It's a great stadium to watch a game because there isn't a bad seat in the place. Close enough to see faces, but far enough back to see the whole field. I was amazed by the range of people that were there to watch the game -- kids, parents, adults, teenagers, was really great to see so many people supporting women's soccer.

Liz Mantel

The game ended in a tie, but that's not bad news for the Flash. They've already clinched a playoff spot and now are playing for home field advantage in the semis! Their next game is this Saturday against the Boston Breakers, and it's a must win! We need that home field advantage!!!

What a great night of soccer in a great atmosphere! I hope to be there on Saturday!


My excitement over the game was electrifying...ugh...when someone is laughing at you saying, "Hold on, I have to get a pic!" the only thing you can do is make the most ridiculous face you can think of to make it seem like you're on it!

Thanks for putting on a great show, Flash! Hope to see ya Saturday!