He was known as the boy king and he died when he was just a teenager.  His tomb was probably the most elaborate of any that was ever found.  Egypt’s King Tutankhamen, lived around 1400 BC and when he died, like all pharaohs, his tomb was decorated with gold, jewelry, statues, a chariot and weapons and his body was perfectly preserved inside three coffins, each one fitting into the other.

The tomb of King Tut was discovered in November of 1922.  It was actually one of four chambers and archaeologists carefully inspected and catalogued the first three before finally opening the final chamber that contained the king’s tomb.  And it was more than they ever imagined because so many other tombs had been broken into and stripped of everything in there.

Of all the things they found, the body of King Tut was the most prized discovery because it was the first one ever to be found so perfectly preserved.  All of the items found in his tomb are on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The door to King Tut’s tomb was finally opened on this date, February 16th in 1923.