She was a Buffalo school teacher and later principal of School 31 on Emslie Street and she thought kids should know about the American flag. Sarah Hinson wanted her students to know what it stands for, so she taught them how to pay respect to the flag by reciting the pledge of allegiance and on June 14, 1891, she began the tradition of a formal ceremony of saluting and honoring the flag on the anniversary of the day that the Continental Congress accepted the design of the American flag.

Other teachers and schools began the tradition and it caught on across the country. Flag Day became an official observance under President Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

Sarah Hinson died in 1926 – she’s buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery and her grave is marked by a flag pole flying the American flag. On her gravestone are the words – “Sarah Hinson – dedicated teacher who with others gave us Flag Day.”