How would you like to get this one in the mail about your child?

Kristen Grasso from Florida basically got a letter in the mail saying that her daughter is overweight. At her daughter Lilly’s middle school, it is mandated by the state that kids have health screenings, which include getting their BMI, or body mass index, taken.

Kristen says her daughter is a star on her middle school volleyball team and that "Lily is tall, she's athletic, she's solid muscle. By no means is she overweight." You can tell by the picture that Lilly is not fat.

Here’s the problem: Kids are seeing these ‘fat letters’ that are being sent home, and parents are concerned that they will hurt more than help. Lilly, who cannot be more than 13, still has a lot of growing to do, and because she happened to see this letter, Kristen is worried she will have self-esteem issues.

“About 20 states have now adopted mandatory health screenings including weigh-ins to calculate the BMI of public school children as part of an effort to combat the childhood obesity epidemic”, according to Yahoo!

What do you think? Are these too much?