When my kids were born, different things passed through my mind.  When I found out that my first child was a girl, I started thinking about how pretty she would be.  I imagined seeing her play dress up and playing with dolls.  I hoped that I would be her hero for years to come.  But when our second child was born and I heard it was a boy, I had just one thought...

That immediate excitement came from the thought that one day we would be able to watch football together. 

Excuse my sexist outlook.  I'm just being honest.  Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly excited to go to football games with my daughter too (if that's what she wants to do) but there's just something sacred about taking your son to his first game. 

Maybe some of my excitement comes from the fact that football was a huge bonding element for me with my dad too.  Although my dad and I never made it to a Bills game together, we very rarely missed a game.  He never missed one of my games either from little league up through high school.  Football has a special place in my heart for that reason.  And I can't wait to share that with him.

We've already gone to a Bisons game and he loved that.  So I can't wait to get him to his first Bills game.  Today I bought our first pair of tickets to a Bills game.  It's the first time that I really don't care about the outcome of the game.  It's kind of like the song from Trace Adkins, "Just Fishin'"   He thinks I want to go because I'm such a Bills fan.  I just can't wait to watch him love it the way that I loved watching football as a boy...with my dad.