Some people buy a car for style, some for performance, some for fuel mileage. Cost is a factor for most people. But if you’re buying a car for safety, there is no car better than the Tesla Model S.

It earned the highest possible rating of five stars in government crash tests – the highest crash test scores of any car ever tested. If 100 percent is the best you can do on this test – this car earned 110. An A ++.

The Tesla Model S set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants in almost any crash.

First, it’s an electric car, and they say because it doesn't have a gasoline engine, the whole front end is one big impact-absorbing "crush zone."

The Model S also did better than any car in history for side impact with a pole or tree, one of the most dangerous kinds of accidents. Aluminum rods is the side doors absorb most of the blow.

And in rollover accidents -- they had a tough time getting it to roll over even at the highest speeds and the hardest turns. They had to come up with some special conditions to get it to flip because the car has a heavy, flat battery on the floor of the car that gives it a low center of gravity.

They couldn't even get the roof to crush. The roof is so strong it broke the testing machine. So what they did was place four other Tesla Model S cars on top of another one, and they still couldn't get the roof to buckle.

How about those batteries. They've never caught fire even after high-speed crashes.

They’re claiming these electric cars will get the equivalent of 89 miles to the gallon or with the biggest battery rated at the equivalent of 265 miles per gallon.

How about the cost? After a $7,500 tax credit, you can pick one up for $49,900. The performance model will be $79,900.