As soon as I stepped through the doorway at work this morning, a co-worker approached me and told me that he had found the perfect story for me and the guys. (Clay & Dale) It was a story about BACON!!!

Yes, I know it's bad for you, but it makes everything taste better.  I'll take it any way it comes ... wrapped around a scallop, dipped in chocolate, on a salad ... whatever.  Anyway, this story was more than that -- much more.  A Burger King in Japan has come up with a burger called the "Bacon Special" and features 15 strips of bacon for about $1.24 in US dollars.

One bacon lover took advantage of this and opted to add 1,050 -- yes, 1,050 -- pieces of bacon to his Whopper. Check out video of him clogging his arteries below and let us know by voting in our poll -- is 15 strips of bacon too much?