Today was a good day to be a Bills fan.  Honestly, in my opinion, this whole off season it has been good to be a Bills fan.  First they resigned Stevie Johnson, then they went out and got Mario Williams.  Now today they were able to resign Fred Jackson to a two year contract extension.

Jackson has led the Bills in rushing for the past 3 seasons.  With 934 yards in 10 games, he was leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage last year when he broke his leg and was put on the Bills' Injured Reserve list.

Jackson has really been a diamond in the rough for Buffalo.  He was an undrafted free agent in 2006 and has gone on to have some pretty impressive stats.  According to Buffalo, he's  totaled 3,794 rushing yards on 817 carries and 16 touchdowns and added 175 catches for 1,535 yards and four touchdowns in 66 games with 38 starts.

One of my favorite memories of Fred Jackson came after the Bills beat the Patriots last season for the first time in years.  You could tell how proud he was to be a part of that win as he stayed out on the field long after the game was over.  He grabbed the huge Bills flag from the guy who normally waves it after winning games and was running around the whole field with his young son.

It's nice to see the Bills holding on to the players that they think are worth it.  They seem to be putting the puzzle together one piece at a time and another was added today.