The Dirt Drifters are pretty new to the "pop" country scene.  Of course, the group has been doing their thing for a number of years now, but new in the case of what is now considered"pop" country, they are new.  Anyway.....The guys made a quick stop to.... Cozumel Grill & Tequila Bar in Buffalo a few months ago and performed for a select number of listeners.  I have to say, I didn't pay full attention to the performance, but I did notice that the group had a cool vibe.  The whole point behind this big introduction is that I'm really into one of their songs and I want you to check it out.  The group's new self-titled CD is pretty good and the song I can't get enough of lately is "I'll Shut Up Now." The song basically wraps up America and our culture in a 4 minute tune.  It also incorporated an old favorite from Willie Nelson!