Hi it's Aaron James filling in for Brett Alan tonight! It's Friday and I am so excited to be here for tonight's Friday Night Fight!! We put two songs up against each other and you tell me which one you like better, it happens tonight at 8pm!

Tonight Keith Urban tries to defend his title with his song "Without You". He beat Ashton Shepherd last week with her song "Look It Up". So who will Keith Urban take on tonight?

The Answer: Keith Urban "Without You" VS. Toby Keith's new one  "Somewhere Else"

Tune it at 8pm tonight to hear both songs! After you hear the songs call me with your vote at 716-644-WYRK or 1-800-696-WYRK. You can text me your vote to 716-393-0213 on the AT&T Text Line or leave me a comment rught here on wyrk.com! Thanks for listening and may the best man win!