There's nothing more disturbing to me than the thought of coming into the house to smell some delicious fried chicken, only to hear that there is none. Instead, it's simply a burning ball of wax.

But it's happening. A Kentucky company has created a candle that smells like fried chicken.

Go figure, right? A company from Kentucky that created a fried chicken candle. But that's exactly what they're trying to promote. They're called Kentucky for Kentucky.

Kentucky for Kentucky is a business that promotes small-batch products from the state. “Your home can now smell like fried chicken all the time, without having to actually fry chicken,” says co-founder Whit Hiler.

In case you're interested, they also have Ale 8 (Kentucky’s official soft drink) and Derby Actual (inspired by the famous Kentucky Derby). I've been in a horse barn before. I have no desire to smell what the Kentucky Derby smells like.