We always hear about how most Americans are on the heavy side, obese or even Huuuge!  Well, there seems to be a new trend in the fast food industry.  That new trend is mini-sizing.  We have all supersized before, and why not.  Who wouldn't want more fries or a larger drink?  There's more to consume and there is more bang for your buck.  We have this collective mind set that bigger is better.  Now, the mini-sizing option is being offered by places like Dairy Queen.  Customers can have the treat that they crave without having to down all of the calories.  I think it's a great idea.  I've actually enjoyed a mini Blizzard.  It was the perfect size and it filled the craving.  Take a look at Starbucks...they have a "petite" line of desserts.  You may not be able to pronounce all of the drinks or desserts....but you can point like a caveman and nod your head.  LOL!!!

Lastly....Even the Big dog is jumping on board.   McDonald's is trying to give the option of a lighter fare....testing out their "chicken bites" and "Angus snack wraps."

Overall, it's a good idea. Though, if you want to really be healthy....scrap the super size, skip the mini-size and just exercise!