The most watched TV program in the U.S. is set to air this Sunday.  The Super Bowl!!!  The last football game of the season!!  Ravens v.s. 49'ers!  I'd like to see the Ravens win, but I feel the 49'ers will.  Enough of my worthless predictions, here are some fun facts about the Super Bowl.  Share 'em with your friends or keep the knowledge all to yourself, then sound smart at a Super Bowl party.  Last year, the Super Bowl drew an audience of roughly 111.3 million viewers.

-They say that 14,500 lbs of potato/tortilla chips are consumed on Super Bowl game day.

-The NFL will not play a Super Bowl in a stadium that has a temperature of less than 50 degrees!

-Joe Montana has been voted Super Bowl MVP three times!

-An average :30 second commercial during this year's game costs an estimated 3.8 million dollars.

-The Pittsburgh Steelers was the first team to win 5 Super Bowls.  They now have 6 in total!

-In 2010, 8.2 billion dollars was wagered on the Super Bowl worldwide.

- The coin flip has been won by the NFC team for the last 14 years straight!


(Radio Online)