Have you ever seen a gallon size beer can?  They were introduced in the U.S. in the early 1960's and were discontinued around 1970.  For whatever reasons, the gallon beer can was never quite that popular.  Many of these gallon beer cans were available right here in Western New York.  The Fred Koch Brewery in Dunkirk manufactured the Koch's Beer gallon can and the Koch's Deer Run Ale gallon can. 

 Standard Brewing of Rochester prodcued three different gallon can offerings: Standard Beer, Standard Dry Ale and Topper Genuine Draught Beer.  Other brews available locally in the gallon can were Ballantine Draught Beer and Ballantine Draught Ale, which were produced in New Jersey.  In total, there were about 30 different varieties of beer and ale produced in the gallon sized cans throughout the United States.  I wanted to share my collection of U.S. Gallon Beer Cans with you. 

There are about 5 more that I am looking to get to complete my collection including: Gettelman Bock, Grace Bros., Mustang Malt Liquor, Sterling Ale and Walter's.  I have also included some photos of some of the different types of taps available for these gallon cans as well as some photos of the tops of the cans which carried opening instructions.  Also included is a photo of a Koch's Keg Kooler which was available on the Koch's gallon cans to keep the beer icy cold for picnics and parties.  I hope you enjoy viewing this gallery of breweriana of days gone by.