When's the last time you filled your gas tank?  How much did it cost?  Did you even fill it all the way?...Or is the price of a full tank too expensive?  My car holds about 60 dollars in regular gas...that's a full tank.  Now I know that's not a lot compared to all the big truck driving, V-8 SUV pushing, who cares about expensive gas people, but 60 bucks is expensive to me.  The worst part about it is that there is no real relief in sight!  Researchers are saying that gas prices won't be dropping anytime soon and that we could see 5 bucks by next summer.  So, while perusing our prep sites, I found a cool post on how to maximize your tank of gas and possibly get 5 more miles per gallon!  Step 1 is to Monitor your tires- If your tires are not properly inflated or your wheels aren't aligned correctly.....that will hurt your gas mileage.  Those two things make the engine work harder.

Remove excess weight--that means make your mother-in-law walk....Ha ha...just kidding.  That means get all extra junk out of your car.

Consolidate your trips and errands- It pretty much says it all right there.  Also, try to travel when traffic is lightest.  Then you can avoid the stop-and- go rush hour style of traffic.

Avoid idling-  Shut off the car when waiting for your girlfriend to finish her hair, or you wife to cash out of the grocery store.

Drive the speed limit- Driving like Tony Stewart is fun, but you waste a lot of gas...and it's dangerous!

Service the car regularly- Maintenance is key to the longevity of your car.  A well kept engine will have you car working at it's best.

Use A/C and windows wisely- Windows should be up as you drive on a expressway/highway.....it will reduce air drag. A/C should be used as needed and maybe less in stop-and-go traffic. the two coupled really eats up a lot of fuel.

These seem like good tips, hey I'll be trying them.  I'll try anything to save a few bucks for other bills or things I enjoy.  If this doesn't work, my next step may have to be a hybrid.  Ahhhhhhh????  LOL

*all info taken from radio-online*