A man who's a former head of a private preparatory school in Miami is out $80,000 because of what his daughter put on HER Facebook.

Patrick Snay was the head of Guillver Preparatory School, and when his contract wasn't renewed, 69-year-old Snay filed an age discrimination complaint back in 2011. CNN says that "the school and Snay came to an agreement in which Snay would be paid $10,000 in back pay, and an $80,000 settlement. Gulliver Schools also agreed to cut Snay's attorneys a check for $60,000."

But, before the check was cut, Snay's daughter boastfully decided to toss this one in everyone's face via her Facebook page:

Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT.

Well, isn't that nice and humble, huh?

Gulliver Schools then sent a letter to Snay's attorneys saying they had broken a confidentiality agreement and that he would not be receiving the $80,000 settlement. The deal was that neither Snay nor his wife could say anything to anyone about the settlement, except their attorneys.

They had to go to court again to decide whether or not their daughter did indeed violate the agreement. Here's what Snay said.

What happened is that after settlement, my wife and I went in the parking lot, and we had to make some decisions on what we were going to tell my daughter. Because it's very important to understand that she was an intricate part of what was happening. She was retaliated against at Gulliver. So she knew we were going to some sort of mediation. She was very concerned about it. Because of what happened at Gulliver, she had quite a few psychological scars which forced me to put her into therapy. So there was a period of time that there was an unresolved enclosure for my wife and me. It was very important with her. We understood the confidentiality. So we knew what the restrictions were, yet we needed to tell her something.

Do you buy it?