I can't help but ask, "What has this world come to?" when I think about what some kids are going through in schools now.   ABC News recently ran a story about a 13 year old girl who got a nose job to avoid being bullied.   I just don't get it.  I know things aren't like they were when I was in school.  I know that kids now have to deal with pressure coming from every different angle.  But what is this teaching kids?  I mean, is plastic surgery the right answer?  Shouldn't we be encouraging our kids self esteem rather than sending the message that if we want to be accepted in society then we need to change who we are and what we look like? 

I hate every part of this.  I hate that this girl is getting bullied in the first place.  I hate that they have convinced this beautiful girl that any part of her isn't good enough for them.  I hate that she believes them.  And I definitely hate that her parents are ok with her permanently changing her looks so that she can fit in.  What happened to parents teaching their children that they are beautiful and loved no matter what?