Last year, I was fortunate enough to take my whole family over to Theater of Youth to watch The Berenstain Bears' "Family Matters, The Musical".

They LOVED it! They were asking me before it came back if we could go see it again.

So, the good news is that it IS back. But only for one day...

It's this Saturday, October 19, and there are three shows available: 12:30 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Those tickets are going quick, so get yours now!

Remember all the books you used to read from the Berenstain Bears? I did. My favorite was the one where they take a picnic and it starts to rain. But somehow, they still seem to enjoy each other's company. It's values like that that keep a family close.

I was ecstatic when my kids wanted to go back. It was such a good feeling to know that my kids were taught important life lessons and loved every minute of it. They were laughing and singing along and just truly enjoyed the experience.

Your kids will too. It's a very fulfilling thing to do with your family.

Get your tickets today!