The big show is coming up quick! With all the excitement, you may forget a few essentials, so we have put together a guide to look over and check off before you get to Coca-Cola Field!


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Make sure you have you have your camera charged and an empty memory card ready to go. You never know what moments will be "Kodak moments", and nothing would be worse than to be without some evidence of your good times! Remember that only regular point-and-shoot cameras will be allowed in the ballpark, and no video equipment will be permitted.


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Many people use ATM cards, but if the ATM is broken and you don't have cash, you're out of luck! You don't want to miss out on getting a $20 limited edition Taste Of Country t-shirt or be the one that has to mooch drinks all night!


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You never know what the weather will do. You don't want to be shivering all night, or running for shelter if it rains!

Fully Charged Phone

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Imagine if you meet Darius Rucker and can't tweet a picture or text your friends the good news! Be sure your phone has full power before you walk in!

Rendezvous Point

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If you get separated from your group, set up a spot to meet. Perhaps it's the bar? Maybe it's the t-shirt stand? Get it figured out before the show or as soon as you get in the park.

Cab Company Number

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Don't get stranded if you have too much to drink, get left behind without a ride, or have to leave early! Google a cab company and get the number into your phone. Nothing is worse than being stuck in the city with no ride.

See you at the show!