I've been officiating high school football for 27 years, and yes, I did consider officiating at the collegiate level. But with all the extra time involved and the travel and that it would keep me away from my wife for extended periods, I decided against it.

I think anyone who has ever put on the stripes has dreamed about officiating in the NFL, but you need the experience in college football before you're even considered. For Sarah Thomas, that reality could come soon.

Sarah was the first woman to officiate a major college football game, the first to officiate in a Big Ten stadium, and the first to officiate a bowl game. And she could become the first woman to officiate in the NFL.

Sarah played softball in high school and attended college on a basketball scholarship becoming an All-American. This summer, she's been working with other NFL officials at the New Orleans Saints training camp, and it could mean she's in line for an opening on an officiating crew next year.