The Buffalo Sabres keep denying Tom Golisano is selling the team, but those reports of an impending sale keep getting stronger.  But there could be more to the story. 

First, prospective new team owner Terry Pagula is a Sabres fan.  He owned season tickets at one time.  He married a woman from Western New York.  He lived in this area for a time.  He reportedly has a net worth double that of Golisano and he's rumored to be set to sign a letter of intent to buy the team for $150 million dollars and that's a bargain.  Golisano bought the team for $92 million and the debts the team carried were forgiven.  So he'd be making a nice little profit 7 years after he bought the team.  Sabres fans will forever be thankful to Golisano for rescuing the team after the Adelphia Cable mess but it's become increasingly evident the guy doesn't really care about the team.  He's not a hockey fan.  We hardly ever see him at a game.  Nice guy - but really, it's time to move on. 

Pagula is the kind of owner Sabres fans have been dreaming about.  He's a serious hockey fan.  He donated $88-million dollars to the Penn State hockey program.  If I had the money to buy the Sabres my goal would be to win the Stanley Cup sooner rather than later and I'd do whatever it took to win it.  Buy a Stanley Cup?  Hell yeah I would.  Other teams do it and don't blush.  I've been following this team since 1970 and I'm starved to death to see this team win it all.  Maybe Pagula is the guy to get it done.

Now here's the other side to why Golisano is supposedly selling the team.  Only a rumor though.  Golisano is part of the investor group that Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly has put together to make a bid to buy the Bills.  Under NFL rules a group of investors can buy a team, but a majority owner would have to have a 30% stake.  Would Golisano be the majority owner?  It'll be interesting to see how this all pans out.  I just pray to God that Golisano is more of a football fan than he is a hockey fan.