The king of country music, George Strait has something else to look forward to along with releasing his upcoming album 'Here for a Good Time' -- a grandbaby!

George's songwriting son Bubba Strait and wife Tamara are expecting their first baby in February, according to ABC News Radio .
Bubba (whose real name is George Strait, Jr.) is actually the one who encouraged his world famous dad to start doing more songwriting. He, along with famed songwriter Dean Dillon, co-wrote over half of the tracks on 'Here for a Good Time' with George. .Bubba says he's satisfied with making a name for himself in the songwriting community, rather than on a stage. "I got my mom's singing voice!" he jokes with Cowboys and Indians magazine. "But that's OK, I don't know if I could sing in front of a lot of people anyway."

Still remember how to change a diaper George?