If you're like me, you probably like to watch movies with your significant other.  The problem comes when you have to pick which movie to watch.  Although I know it's not always the case, most guys stereotypically like to watch action/horror types of movies while most girls stereotypically like to watch the "chick flicks".  So the hard part is to find a happy medium.  Here are a list of movies that I think both guys and girls might enjoy:

1.  Bridesmaids

The story is about a girl who is asked to be a maid of honor in her friend's wedding.  But the humor was written with the guys in mind.  With jokes about diarrhea, getting drunk and all out fighting the guys will love this one as much as the girls.

2.  Knocked Up

The story is about a couple who struggle with an unexpected pregnancy after a one night stand.  Pregnancy and one night stands...no brainer.

3.  There's Something About Mary

The story is about a girl who seems to have men falling in line to fall in love with her.  It's a love story with a lack of mushiness.  Good one.

4.  The Wedding Singer

A lot of women like to hear stories about weddings.  Planning a wedding starts for many girls as soon as they start to like boys.  The cool thing about this movie is that the main character begins to hate weddings and does what many guys would like to do at them (including strangling the brides father with a microphone cord).

5.  Hitch

This one is one of my absolute favorite movies.  It's a story about a guy who helps otherwise helpless men find their dream dates.  It's a funny love story.  This one is perfect.