From the time I was a kid, I always enjoyed studying maps. Didn’t matter what kind of map – a state map, a map of city streets, a world map – I'd open up the map on my bed and just look. I guess it really was a different time back then. I still have those maps stored away – dozens and dozens of them.

But then along came the internet, and all those maps were there, and then Google took it to the next level – satellite images, followed by Google Street View. You can look up nearly any address in North America and see what it really looks like. And Street View has expanded all over the world. You can get an idea of what the area looks like near some of the most famous landmarks in the world – near the Eiffel Tower, near London Bridge, near the Kremlin.

So what’s the next project for Google? How about a tour of the tallest building in the world – the Burj Kalifa in Dubai? For that Google had a 360-degree camera mounted on a stand-up cart that could be moved across open floors and down hallways. And then for areas that are accessible only on foot, they used a camera mounted on a backpack.

Google took three days to record the images including a ride with window washers, a visit to the observation tower on the 124th floor, a look at some of the luxurious condos and even a climb thru the spire to the very top of the building.

Check out how it went.