What were people most interested in during 2012? Google will give you an idea. Here is their year-ending list of the Top 10 most-searched items for the past 12 months.

  • 10

    Whitney Houston

    Whitney Houston's death on February 11th triggered more searches than any other person or topic.

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  • 9

    Hurricane Sandy

    It technically wasn’t a hurricane when it slammed into the northeast coast, but the superstorm killed killed more than 100 and destroyed entire communities in New York and New Jersey.

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  • 8

    2012 Presidential Election

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  • 7

    The Hunger Games

    The futuristic movie and novel

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  • 6

    Jeremy Lin

    The the Asian-American basketball player who seemingly came out of nowhere to star for the New York Knicks. He received no scholarship offers out of high school and was undrafted after attending Harvard.

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  • 5

    The 2012 London Olympics

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  • 4

    Amanda Dodd

    Who’s Amanda Dodd? She’s a woman from England who cut her weight in half in two years to go from size 22 dresses to size 10. It allowed her to land her dream of starring in a stage show cabaret and now runs her own health and wellness business. .

  • 3

    Gangnam Style

    Just a couple of weeks ago the pop song and videoe became the first Youtube video to be viewed a billion times.

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  • 2

    Michael Clarke Duncan

    The actor nominated for an Academy Award for his role as John Coffey in "The Green Mile." He died in September.

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  • 1

    KONY 2012

    A film highlighting Ugandan war criminal John Kony

    One of the victims of John Kony's reign of terror (Getty Images)