It's coming up on 22 years since my grandmother has passed, but even though she is gone, she is still with me in many ways.  Looking back at growing up, there are so many things that I learned from my grandmother.  The lessons I got from her could probably fill a small book. I was one of ten grandchildren.  Not to be egostistical, but I know deep down in my heart that I was probably her favorite out of the ten.  I was the one she would give money to, while the other grandkids had to pay her back every cent to the penny.  She lived with us when I was a teenager and on those days where I slept in late, I would come downstairs to the kitchen to find a bacon and eggs breakfast waiting for me, including my coffee made just the way I liked it.

Being an Irish woman, my grandma Dorothy took great pride in having a drink.  She loved having an afternoon "highball" as she called it which was usually a Seagrams 7 with ginger ale.  She also enjoyed an ale, especially in the Summer. And Gram was pretty fussy about the ale she drank.  She did not care for any Amercan ales or beers.  She always preferred Canadian Ale, maybe a Molson Stock Ale or a Red Cap Ale, but probably most often a Labatt 50 Ale.  I was in the grocery store over the weekend and I saw Labatt 50 on sale. I grabbed a 12 pack and headed home.  As I sat back on the patio enjoying my Labatt 50 Ale, I thought about my grandmother and how her lessons and traditions are still with me to this day. Here's to you Dorothy and as they say in Ireland, "Slainte"