People who look good are paid more. Now first of all, don’t freak out and go….I’m doomed.  I think you’re pretty darned good looking just the way you are.  BUT…if you want to make some more money, this study says you need to make sure you groom yourself appropriately when you’re at the workplace.  In other words, don't come to work looking like a slob. All that time you spend in the morning in front of the mirror styling your hair, trimming your nails and applying makeup will likely pay off with a higher paycheck, according to a study from Elon University in North Carolina. Now ladies, this can work opposite for you. If women spend too much time on grooming, especially by applying too much makeup, it will backfire, so keep it simple:

  1. For men and women: A proper haircut. Your hair is the first thing people notice about you. Your haircut should say you're serious about your career.
  2. For women: When it comes to makeup, jewelry and perfume, less is more Overdoing the makeup and dress can actually be bad by sending the wrong signal.  You want to come across as a professional.
  3. For men: Good shoes The shoes don't have to be expensive, but they must look good. They should be appropriate for the job and they should be polished. Scruffy shoes send a signal that you don't care about the details.

Good Looking People Get Paid More

Photo courtesy of Flickr via user amagill