You be the judge here.

Ridiculous or well-deserved?

After all it is stealing--but, maybe it's one of those things that happen more often than you think. In Springfield, MO a guy went through the drive thru with his tow friends, ultimately ordered three large tap waters with food, dumped out the water and went inside to fill up the empty cups with pop.

The McDonald's manager called the police to report a robbery.

Then, the manager stood behind the suspect's car and tried to stop them from leaving, according to the report, but the car reversed and hit the manager. The manager tried to get the keys out of the ignition and was hit on the hand and then by the vehicle again, the manager told police", according to WLKW.

The manager was OK and according to the Washington County Detention Center website shows Morris was booked into jail Tuesday for a hearing on Friday for one account of felony robbery.