If you live anywhere near Buffalo, New York you have most likely heard his voice before.  Chris Nichter of Townsquare Media in Buffalo has been working in the radio industry for over 30 years voicing many of the commercials you hear everyday on the radio and television.  Now Chris is expanding his horizons and adding a nationally televised program to his resume.

We sat down with Chris to ask him a few question.

[Question]: How did you go about getting a job narrating a Nat Geo Wild series?

[Chris Nichter]: I subscribe to a website for voice actors, voices.com, and companies post voice-over jobs looking for auditions to find the person who they feel is the best fit for their project, whether for a commercial, corporate video, animation, radio drama, or a documentary, like “Wild Mississippi”.

Red Rock Films was asking for a Sam Elliott type cowboy character for this film and that happens to be a character I can perform quite well. So I sent them an audition in my best Sam Elliott character and they contacted me to do the job.

[Question]: Where did you record it and how long did it take?

[Chris Nichter]: We recorded it at Propellerhead Studios here in Buffalo. Shaun Mullins handled the recording and technical hookup and I took direction through a phone patch in my headsets from Brian Armstrong and Kevin Krug from Red Rock Films, who were in Washington, DC. They knew exactly what they wanted to hear and were excellent at directing me so that I could perform the storytelling narration just the way they wanted it to sound. They were awesome to collaborate with and it was an absolute thrill to do the job. We recorded each hour of the show in separate sessions that took about 2 to 2 ½ hours each.

[Question]: Have you ever done anything like this in the past?

[Chris Nichter]: I've done many other video narrations, museum pieces, e-learning courses, tons of commercials, but never anything on this scale before. This type of documentary narration is something I've been working toward for many years and I hope will be the first of many more to come. The slow, natural delivery and pace used for these films really suits my style best.

[Question]: Have you seen the finished video yet?

[Chris Nichter]:I was able to see the video before we recorded each segment and the videography is absolutely stunning! I haven’t actually seen the final product with my voice added to it, so I’m really looking forward to seeing this Sunday night!."

"The Wild Mississippi" starts this Sunday at 8:00 PM on the Nat Geo Wild Channel.

Chris will be flying to Washington, DC for the premiere party at Red Rock Films to view the film with all the folks who worked on the project, as well as several folks from National Geographic.