In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Hank Williams Jr. responded to last fall's controversy over an interview he had with Fox News. If you recall, he was accused of comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler. Now he has had a chance to explain that statement. I have been a Hank fan about as long as I have been a country fan. I like the way he sings, I like the lyrics in his songs and I like the fact that he is his own guy. Yes, his father is the all-time greatest name in country music, but just like in his song "Family Tradition," Hank Jr.'s music ain't exactly the same as Hank Sr.'s.

But his renegade attitude is something that most people find to be too "right-wing radical." Then again, is it? If you listen to what he says is wrong with this country, you might say that he is just a traditionalist rather than a radical. In his music and his commentary, Hank Jr. has been the kind of guy to call it the way he sees it. This is clear in the Rolling Stone article when he says:

My daughter said, "Daddy are you in trouble?' and I told her, "Let me tell you something, baby girl, if I'm in trouble, we're all in trouble." And guess what? I was right. There have been a lot of articles about, "My God, this world today, you can't say anything." Although, if you're a pretty radical left-wing democrat, you can say anything you want to – "Death to George Bush!" and start stabbing a steak with a knife like Rahm Emmanuel – which is on record, by the way. Oh yeah. It's been a breath of fresh air. There is a word called motivation. And believe me, they motivated this one.

Hank Jr. has some great songs out on his most recent album, Old School New Rules, most of which are policaly based. My favorite on the album is featured below. "I'm Gonna Get Drunk And Play Hank Williams" is one of those hard-core country songs that I love. It is the very kind of song that turned me on to Hank Jr. in the first place.

Yes, some times Hank Jr., like Ted Nugent, doesn't have a filter, and that gets him into trouble with the media. However, I can't disagree with most of what they say about the direction this country is heading.