My wife and I have grown to be big Chris Young fans, we just love his music and his voice is just amazing! My wife and I were able to see Chris at Blue Cross Arena back in February and we were wowed by his performance on stage. Chris has become a HUGE star since winning Nashville Star back in 2006, with three number one hits and his current song "Tomorrow" climbing the charts faster than somone speeding on the 33. People become big fans of artists because of their work, many people can identify with the lyrics in Chris Young's music. It's the life lessons learned and those "Voices" that you hear in your head, or having a romantic, passionate night out with your lovely lady to "Gettin' You Home" and in life trying to be "The Man I Want To Be" that we strive to be for the wife/girlfriend in our lives. His music makes men want to be a better man and women just love the guy and dream of being with Chris.

His new album "Neon" will be in stores and online July 12th.

Today Chris is celebrating his 26th Birthday! Keep up the good work Chris and have a great Birthday!

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