Some people just talk a good game. Some people do something about it. When country artist Ricky Lee was putting together his latest CD, Ordinary Man, he knew it needed to reflect his pride in the U.S.A. and what better way to show that pride than to produce a 100% American made CD. The packaging, the disc itself and the dynamic modern country sound are purely American. Ricky took several years developing "Ordinary Man" to deliver an album that hits hard and leaves you wanting more. Songs like "Crazy Bout You" and "You Won't Be Lonely Long" pave the way for Ricky's place alongside today's country stars.

The album is phenomenal and is made that much better because a 100% American Made CD is almost impossible to produce. With the help of Mark Andol and the staff at the Made in America store, Ricky Lee was able to make it happen. Now you can get Ricky’s Album, Ordinary Man at The Made in America Store in Elma or online at It makes a great 100% American Made Christmas gift.

Remember, if every one of us spent an additional $3.33 on American-made goods, we’d create 10,000 jobs. It’s that easy.

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