Has Jennifer Aniston gone country?  Well....sort of.  She is going to follow in Gwyneth Patrow's footsteps and play the role of a singer in a new movie that she is working on.

I think it's great that so many big stars are now taking on scripts that include Country music as an underlying theme.  Not only does it give Country music a great forum to show the history of this great music, but, it also allows Country music to keep moving forward as the "place to be" these days!

As reported by usatoday.com

Jennifer Aniston is gearing up for a new fact-based movie role set in the 1940s, where Aniston will portray a member of the Goree Girls — an all-female country music band formed in a Texas prison. The actress, who is currently in Mexico City promoting her new fragrance line, describes the Goree Girls as “sort of the Dixie Chicks of their time.”

Albrightandomalley.com also reports that:

The movie is based on real events that took place in Goree Prison. The eight singers in the band go on to be embraced by the public and were eventually pardoned of their crimes.

It is rumored that Aniston will co-produce the musical project with big names such as Kelly Rowland, Pam Tillis and Ellen Pompeo.