Ok...it's time for another round of #hashtag tuesday!  So if you don't already follow us on Twitter, then get to it and join in on the fun.  Tonight's #hashtag is...

One that is a spinoff from others that I've seen that were hilarious.  Tonight the #hashtag is #Countrygirlproblems.

So here's what you do:

1.)  Sign into Twitter.  If you aren't on Twitter, you might want to create an account.  It's free.

2.)  Follow us @1065WYRK

3.) Read the tweets that people have posted with the hashtag #Countrygirlproblems

4.) Post your own.  Use this model to form yours:

@1065wyrk So many people want to take me to TOC2012 and I can't decide who to go with! #Countrygirlproblems

Simple as that!  Get creative and have fun with it.  I'll post my top 5 later this week!