I'm going to try to start something up on  Twitter that I need your participation with.  It's called #Hashtag Tuesday and it's just meant to be fun.  I'll give you the topic (or the hashtag) and you take it from there.  Go to our Twitter page and put your thoughts attached to the hashtag.

You may have seen them on The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon. 

Hashtags are used on twitter to help people find certain tweets easily.  If you've never seen a hashtag, it would look a bit like this on twitter:

@1065WYRK "If you keep playing with it, it's going to fall off" #MomQuotes

Simple as that!  Just make sure that first of all, you're following us on twitter @1065wyrk, then you put the # and what ever hashtag we're using that night.  If you need help, ask and I'll do my best to walk you through it. 

So here we go...tonight's hashtag is #MomQuotes