I was happy to read the news about New Era! They have been named to official hat of the NFL! With all of the negative things you read about Western New York business leaving this area, New Era has continued to keep their headquarter here in Buffalo!I doubt there are 2 days in a row that I don't sport some kind of hat. 99% of the time it is some sort of ball cap. (Occasionally it's a cowboy hat). New Era  Caps always seem to be more sturdy or durable than the other caps I have worn. sounds crazy, but when you wear them everyday, sweat in them, throw them around the house or whatever, they take a lot of abuse. If it's your favorite hat, you want it to be able to last. That's why Major League Baseball and now the NFL have taken them on as their official hats! New Era was founded back in the 1920's and at for years was centered in Derby,NY. Hard to believe that it was almost 6 years ago already that they made there move to Delaware Ave in Buffalo.