It’s amazing how much things have changed in the last decade. Everything is always evolving and what was hot yesterday is old and outdated the next. Take a look at cell phones for example the iPhone and the Android devices that seem to do everything now except make dinner and clean the house. How about social media? There was Myspace and now there’s Facebook that has 500 million users , plus Twitter that everyone seems to have now. Well, get ready for the next big thing in social media “Google+”.

Google has become a word that people use like it’s a part of the english language. If you want to know everything about anything just Google it! Google+ is my new favorite thing to do on the internet, you can only use Google+ currently by getting an invite from a friend that is on Google+. I got an invite from a friend about a week ago, joined and I love the new features that it offers. Maybe I am just bored with Facebook but I might give Facebook up and just use Google+. Sometimes we can spend a little much with social media between Twitter and Facebook.

Google plus offers some really cool features like…

A feature called “The Hangout,” this is a place that you can start with your friends it’s like a chat room however it’s better than a chat room because you chat with multiple friends while looking at each other with your webcams.

Instead of just having one list of “Friends” on Facebook you now have “Circles” with Google+. When you add someone to your circle you can put which circle category you want to put them in such as friends, family, co-workers, etc. It’s neat because when you post a photo or status update you can choose which circle you want to see that status or photo.

When you have the Google Chrome you can install an add on with Google+ where what you post on Google+ it also updates your Twitter and Facebook accounts at the same time. So if you are a social media nut you can have all of your status updates show on all networks.

Of course adding and uploading photos and videos is simple!

There are probably a ton more features that I haven’t figured out yet after all I have only been on Google+ for a week and Google+ is only two weeks old. I am looking forward to seeing more features that will make Google+ rise above the rest in the coming months. Google + currently has about 10 million users with millions more to come! Check it out and get an invite to join you won’t be disappointed!