Many of us work our entire lives to get to a place of happiness and content in our careers.  If you got there, would you give it all up to serve in the military?  That's exactly what this former HBO executive is doing.

Luis Barragan, 39 has joined the army and will be landing in Afganistan any day now.  Before he joined the army he was in a pretty prestigious position as director of sports programming with HBO.  He spoke to The New York Post before his deployment to Afganistan.  In the article he says, "I just feel that I owe this country a great deal.  I never believed that my education or professional success absolved me of a duty to serve."

The Chairman and CEO of HBO is a volunteer vietnam vet himself.  He said, "This is the purest enlistment I am aware of."

"The perception is that people join the Army because they are suffering from some form of hardship. But Luis had none of those motivations." -- Bill Nelson (HBO Chairman and CEO)
Barragan went to The University of California at Berkely and has a law degree from Georgetown.  He's leaving his current fiance Eden Gonzales behind as he fights for our freedom.
To read more on Luis Barragan, check out his interview with The New York Post.