It took him four years to do it, sometimes as long as 14 hours in a day, but finally Phillip Patterson completed a project over the weekend that he started in 2009. He wrote out every word of the King James Bible by hand. He finished it by writing the final two lines of the Book of Revelation in front of a crowd of worshippers at St. Peter’s Church in Spencertown, New York near the Massachusetts border. He put down his pen and said “Amen”.

It’s 2,400 pages long and he says he'll spend another year working on the book's binding and covers before donating the fully completed handwritten Bible to St. Peter's as a gift.

Why did he do it? He says he just wanted to learn more about the Bible. But along the way he says it made him more patient and loving.

So what are some of the things he learned about the Bible?

  • There are 66 books in the Bible
  • 1,189 Chapters
  • 783, 137 words
  • 3,116,480 individual letters
  • The word “God” appears 4,094 times
  • The word “Lord” appears 6,781 times
  • The Bible has 40 different authors
  • It’s been translated into 120 different languages.