There's nothing like the feel of shooting a large caliber handgun. My first pistol that I ever owned is a Smith & Wesson model 629 .44 magnum in stainless steel finish. It is hands down my favorite gun and probably always will be. Yes, there are more powerful handgun calibers on the market like the S & W .500, the .460 XVR and the .454 Casull, but I just prefer my .44 magnum. That is the caliber that I first learned to shoot on back in the early 80's. However many handgun shooters would much rather shoot the .45ACP caliber. Don't let the number fool you because the .44 mag is actually a lot more powerful with my average 240 grain bullets moving at 1400 feet per second. Your average .45ACP bullet has a muzzle velocity of 800 to 850 feet per second. But the .45ACP is a wonderful target round and still a great choice for a defensive cartridge. Here's a video of Heather Lacroix showing us the power of the .45ACP.