I'm ready to get a little uncomfortable for a little while to bring attention to something that is ugly and no one else wants to talk about.  My question is going out to the guys: Are there any out there that are man enough to join me?

Yup...time to put up fellas.  Get those high heels out.  I'm about to walk a mile in her shoes.

You read that right.  I am taking part in a national walk that is meant to bring awareness to sexualized violence.

It's not pretty to hear that every two minutes someone in America is raped. One in six American women are victims of sexual assault.  Scary stats right?  So why would anyone want to talk about it?

The only way to bring an end to it is to bring it out in the open.  If no one says anything about it or sweeps it under the rug, what gets done?  Nothing!

So this is our chance to help put an end to it. I'm asking you to join me at the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Walk taking place right here in Buffalo on Saturday, April 27.  I'll have more info in the upcoming weeks on the walk itself and how you can join me on my team.  I am going to step out of my comfort zone for this great cause and I hope you will too.