We all have fears of something.  Common ones are public speaking, heights, germs, flying, spiders and snakes.  No matter how hard we might try, there's not a whole lot we can do about it.  But there are some really unusual ones.  For example:








  • Agyrophobia

    Agyrophobics have a fear of crossing streets, roads and highways or a fear of highways themselves. The word comes from the Greek gyrus meaning turning or whirling because that’s the feeling they get from the whirl of traffic. Obviously anyone with this fear would find it almost impossible to live in a city.  It’s a phobia completely independent from the fear of cars.

    (Townsquare Media)
  • Pediophobia

    A fear of dolls – all dolls. Sigmund Freud studied it and said it may be a fear of the doll coming to life.  For people who have it dolls that talk or move and especially China dolls are the worst.

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  • Deipnophobia

    A fear of dinner conversation.  It’s obviously a socialization problem, but the act of eating and speaking to another person at the same time is so terrifying that they totally avoid dining out situations.

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  • Eisoptrophobia

    A fear of mirrors.  This one gets pretty involved.  The most complex part of the fear is being put into contact with the spiritual world thru a mirror.  So people who have the phobia are terrified of getting near a mirror to avoid their reflection and especially when they’re alone – a fear that they’ll see someone or something behind them.  Another aspect is the simple fear of bringing bad luck if they happen to break the mirror.

    (Townsquare Media)
  • Coulrophobia

    A fear of clowns, pretty common among children.  But there are some famous adults who admit to it – Daniel Radcliffe and Johnny Depp.  Depp says because of their painted on smiles it’s impossible to determine if they’re really happy or are about to bite your face off.

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