It's no secret whatsoever that country stars like to drink. Also, let's be honest, they really aren't that picky.

But, there are some country stars that wish they could be at Buffalo Uncorked next Thursday, April 3 at the Hyatt.

OK, OK...I WISH they could be at Buffalo Uncorked. I got some of these guys that roll through Buffalo to try some of my homemade wine. I'd like to think they think it was good like they say, but honestly...I know they're just trying to be nice.

Here's some stars that really do like to drive in a glass of wine.

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Cassadee Pope (apparently) likes homemade wine...

Rob Banks WYRK

Craig Morgan took a sip like he was at Church. Not sure if he even got his lip wet.

Rob Banks WYRK

...and of course Rob Banks + Liz Mantel...but, they'll be there anyway.

Liz Mantel WYRK