Is maintaining your weight important to you?  Do you count your calories on a daily basis?  If you do, this post may be of interest to you.“They” say the average diet is based on a 2,000 calorie per day intake. When I was really making a serious effort to be healthy, I would do a max of 1,500 calories (usually 1,200), 20 grams of fat and a lot of water. Each of my meals was roughly 300-350 calories, leaving room for occasional snacking.  When I would snack, I’d try and choose foods full of nutrients and low impact.  Snacks would generally be 150-200 calories.

Here are a bunch of snack options…all set at 200 calories.  You’ll see a variety of foods, from healthy to junk.  You can eat them all!  Obviously, the unhealthy foods won’t help you stay trim….and you get less of them.  The picture is pretty interesting. Check it!!