At Queen of Peace High School in New Jersey, only girls, every morning, raise their right hand and say, "I do solemnly promise not to use profanities of any kind within the walls and properties of Queen of Peace High School. In other words, I swear not to swear. So help me God.”

Only the female students were asked to try not to curse for the month of February. The school wanted the females to be a part of their civility campaign. The male students –nothing. Not asked to be a part of it at all.

The pledge is meant only to be for a month and set to end on March 1, but if it is successful and the students want to extend the pledge, the boys may be included in the future.

Is it right to seclude just the girls though? The girls actually supported and really liked the idea. Perhaps, even (JUST MAYBE) the boys will have more respect for the girls. But some of the boys felt left out of the pledge. What do you think?