A 17-year-old girl's high school senior portrait was banned when she posed for the picture with her baby.

High school seniors at Randolph County's Wheatmore High School in Trinity, N.C. were invited to pose with a prop to represent their personality in their senior picture.

"He helped me get to where I am today," said Caitlin Tiller, who took the picture with her 1-year-old baby boy.

But two days before the yearbook was sent to print, Tiller was told her photo would not appear. School officials allegedly told the teen mom she had been banned from the yearbook because her photo might "promote teen pregnancy".

She thinks the photo sends a positive message, since she is both a teen mom and a high school graduate.

"I want everyone to see that you can make a mistake and you can overcome it," she told WFMY. "And then I don't want to say Leelin is a mistake, because he's not. But everyone bumps their heads."

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