You would think sooner or later it may be time to just quietly go away or retire.  Not so for David Hasselhoff.  As a kid I was a huge fan of Knight Rider.  Who wouldn't want a car that can free you from a jail cell or from being kidnapped?  The as I grew up some was Baywatch.  You can guess that the Hoff wasn't the main reason for a teenage boy to watch that show.  I even could deal with him as a judge on America's Got Talent...but now he just seems to be getting into some random roles.  You would think that after your reality show fails and after some less than flattering videos have surfaced, you may want to tkae your earnings and quietly walk away.  As we are seeing with Brett Favre in football, it's better to go out on top than to go out with a bad season or bad publicity on your resume!

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