I can’t believe its December and I’m still wearing a fall jacket.  I haven’t even touched my scarf and gloves yet! I know many of you are dying for snow but I love this weather!  This is what it must feel like for people that live in the South during December!  Get out of the house and enjoy this weather because who knows how long till we are stuck in doors for winter.


This weekend and running till January 1st is the Niagara Holiday Market.  I had a chance to check out this event last weekend and I have to say it really got me into the Holiday spirit.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to Niagara Falls too so this was the perfect event to get up there and check it out.  The event is on Old Falls Street in Niagara Falls and the whole street is lined with different booths.  There are booths with clothing, jewelry, wine, pictures, and so much more.   There is even the skate rink they set up right at the end that you must try.  It’s the Niagara Holiday Market in Niagara Falls.

Later once you’ve got the kids home, find a babysitter and check out some adult things this weekend!   At the Niagara Wine Trail USA is the Holiday Happening.  The Niagara Wine Trail wants you to get out and celebrate the Season with their holiday event.  This is definitely one of my favorite events of the holiday season!  Not only do you get to sample some amazing wine but at each winery you check out you’ll get a different ornament.  Make sure you stop by each winery on the trail to complete the set.  Along with that you’ll even get a wine glass from your starting winery.  The tickets are reasonable too!  Only $30 per person and they are good for the entire event.   It’s the Holiday Happening at the Niagara Wine Trail USA today and tomorrow.