Not every kid has high-flying grades that mom and dad are proud of. Just ask 19-year-old Aftab Aslam from Georgia.

He didn't want to tell his parents about failing college English, so he did something extreme.

Aslam is accused of faking his own kidnapping so he could avoid telling his parents he was failing a class.

According to CBS, "Aslam bought a cell phone and texted his parents a story about being kidnapped April 27....Aslam camped for about a week in an undeveloped area in Forsyth County, but the weather turned cold and rainy and he went home."

I hope he turns his grades around and can get a good job because he's going to need a good paying gig for all the hot water he is in.

Aslam is charged with making a false report and false statements, tampering with evidence and terroristic threats. He was being held without bail as of Friday, May 17.

I don't really know why terroristic threats are in there, but I'm not too sure this was the brightest decision.